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Royal Oud Incense Made With Wood & Resin of Eaglewood

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Agarwood (AKA eaglewood)is the resinous wood from the Aquilaria tree. It is the most expensive wood in the world and creates a warm, oriental woody fragrance that gives life to an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.
For relaxation, relaxation and meditation, soothing and relaxing, it suppresses the negative energies of the body, and improves perception, reduces anxiety and invokes a sense of peace, vigor and harmony
Remove obsessive behaviors and help create harmony and balance in your home
It is used and recommended by spiritual masters to provide inspiration and conditioning for meditation, attaining inner peace and serenity.
This extremely rich and fragrant resin is formed as a result of physical or biological reactions on wood.
Used in Asia since several centuries BC, it is mainly used for its medicinal virtues as well as for its scent and noble appearance, but also in art in religion. 

Packaged in resealable windowed paper sachet.
Pack of 10 grams

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