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Root of Cyperus Articulatus PIRI PIRI GOWE 30 gram

HUF 2,900.00

Cyperus is related to other nut sedges (such as tigernut), and its roots release a light, woody, and spicy fragrance with floral notes.
According to Amazonian medical tradition, priprioca may be harmful to pregnant women
According to Brazilian folklore, the name priprioca came from Piri-Piri, a warrior who lived in an indigenous village in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. It is said that he gave off a wonderful smell, able to attract any indigenous tribe. He also had the power to disappear when in danger, or to escape the hordes of girls at his feet. Once, the daughter of a shaman named Supi was in love with Piri-Piri. She asked her father to teach her a spell to capture Piri-Piri. The shaman then told her to tie Piri-Piri's feet with her hair on a full moon night. Sensing danger, Piri-Piri disappeared in a cloud, never to return. In the place where the warrior was last seen, a plant sprouted which also gave off his magnificent aroma; in his honor, this plant was named piripirioca.

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