Palo Santo stick

HUF 2,000.00

Palo Santo is known as ‘holy wood’ and these trees are found in the forests of Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico. 
Palo Santo use as an incense originates from Indigenous peoples in Central and South America. Peruvians would harvest the fallen branches and twigs of the Bursera graveolens tree and burned pieces, much like incense, in order to spiritually purify energy. Shamans used Palo Santo to offer grounded and clearing energy. It is a non-endangered species in the Burseraceae family, a close relative of frankincense and myrrh.
Palo Santo is often used to cleanse the energy of spaces, items, and people, as well as for its woodsy, fragrant aroma. 

Our Palo Santo is sourced from the dry forests of northern Peru and Certified Sustainable by SERFOR (National Forest Service and Wildlife of Peru). The regional forest and wildlife authority only authorizes the use of dry and naturally fallen trees. This certification is critical to ensuring we protect the forests.

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