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Gold Copal Resin / Gyanta - HYMELANA Copal 30 gram

HUF 3,290.00

Golden Copal from Madagascar
30 gram

Scientific name: Hymenaea verrucosa
Family: Fabaceae (formerly Leguminosae)
Habitat: Tropical and sub-tropical forests of Central Africa.
Place of collection: Madagascar

Pungent, slightly acrid, sparkling and spicy hints.

Characteristics of the resin:
Hard, compact resin with glassy, almost amber characteristics. Sometimes it is collected from old deposits on the ground, where it rests for years if not centuries, so some pieces found in African markets are partially fossilized.

Ethnobotanical researches:
This resin is used for the animistic ceremonies called Tromba, of the big island (Madagascar), if it is not possible to find the resin, since it is rather complicated to reach the forest places, the rarity of the tree, everything becomes expensive for their pockets is easier to use its fruits, which by the way I always have in the shop called Manzirufu.

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