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Galanga Root ALPINIA OFFICINALIS 50 g ram

HUF 3,490.00

The root of Galangal is(also known as red ginger) close to the Ginger. It therefore has detoxifying properties in infusion, stimulates the appetite and regulates nausea.Sweeter than other ginger varieties, Galagal has a warm, sweet, spicy, camphorous fragrance with rich woody and bitter top notes.
When used in incense, Galangal is said to aid in alertness, stimulating the body and mind. It is believed to be strengthening and cleansing, helping to overcome exhaustion and elevate mood.

Esoterically, this root is a powerful aphrodisiac to infuse before an appointment or to infuse in the bath.
Supports affective requests during a ritual.

It acts on the root chakra.

Net weight is 50 gram

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