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Danburite Necklace with hand carved Palo Santo wood

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HUF 14,400.00

Handcrafted and naturally scented Palo Santo wood necklace with Danburite mineral (Mexico) .
Size of the pendant is 61*10*9 mm.

Danburite Meaning: Divine Reflection

Uplifting the spirit to a higher frequency, Danburite creates a channel to the angelic realms and opens communication with the Divine. This sacred union heightens awareness to spiritual truths and inspires a journey towards enlightenment.

Danburite will assist you in receiving vivid messages from a higher consciousness, amplifying deep inner knowing and realizing divine purpose. It's suitable for empaths, light workers, and emotionally wounded people in overcoming pain, anxiety, feelings of being stuck, and self-doubt.

All of the carvings are made in Hungary by my hand, with a lot of joy and love.
This necklace is equipped with a natural waxed string, fix length of 62 cm.

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