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Black Cyprus Traditional Greek Incence 20 gram

HUF 3,490.00

Black Cyprus Incense from Holy Mount Athos made by Monks.
Also known as the incense of St. Cyprian, " Very powerful for cleansing negative energy, tongue eating and dissolving magic . "

Made with pure materials and fragrances

Handmade incense collected from the Greek Monasteries in Mount Athos.
The benefits of the Incense are to retain a strong flavor of incense when it burns. It can only be found in the Greek Monasteries, very difficult to find this type of incense elsewhere.
This is a fine product offered to our clients.The traditional recipe used over the centuries brings excellent quality.
For the Best Result:
Never put incense on top of a coal that you just lit, because the incense will melt without release its aroma. Lit the coal for few seconds before and when you'll see it turn grey and burning well, then put the incense on the coal of the censer. The good incense has to stay hard and releases its aroma slowly.
Net weight 20 gram

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